Hi, I’m Heather LeFevre.

I had constant shoulder and hip pain for years and spent a lot of money and time chasing relief.

And I have a rather obsessive, dog-on-a-bone personality toward solving problems.

Ultimately, a few movement methods and bodywork modalities got me out of pain, and improved my posture and physical strength.

Movement and bodywork have also supported me as a way to release stress as I’ve worked to find the healthy rituals that work best for me and have helped heal my gut microbiome.

I invest my time across several types of work including as a researcher, brand strategist, facilitator, teacher, and writer as well as through hands-on manual therapy and instructing movement.

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I’ve never researched anything as deeply as modalities to improve my health.

When I went to massage school and we talked about working with elders, the teacher said, “you’ll meet all sorts of elders, from frail to robust.”

This was a lightbulb moment.

Who wants to be frail?

We make choices every day that impact our health.

This publication is designed to share insights from my research and personal experience in hopes that they help you on your health journey toward a robust future.

It also drips out weekly. Learning new information, or seeing information you already know elaborated on or expressed in a new way leads to actionable insight in an area (health) where positive behavior change is constantly challenged by modern culture and social norms.

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I want us all to live 100 years of life. I want us all to be robust right up until the end. Sharing my journey and insights along the way.


Heather LeFevre
Well-being and Creative Strategist. Author of Brain Surfing. Trained in CranioSacral Therapy and Pilates. I help create meaningful brands while designing for the well-being of the team that elicits our best work.